Prashant Rudraksha Bhandar Rudraksha Rudraksha as Medicinal Values

Rudraksha as Medicinal Values

Rudraksha has electro magnetic and good conductor properties. It is popularly believed to posses mystical medicinal values and importance. According to Ayurvedic Medicament, it is remedy for heart diseases,high blood pressure,skin deseases,headache,loss of concentration, mental disorders,& nbsp;pneumonia, typhoid, tuberculosis and antidote treatment of cancer. Ayurvedic medicines prescribe hypertensive patient to use eleven faceted rudrakshha as garland and its powder to drink with milk twice daily. Pneumonia patients are prescribed to use ten faceted rudraksha. Hysteria and gaenocological patients are advised to use as garland two faceted rudraksha. Patient complaining mental and neurotic problems are suggested to boil milk with powder of four faceted and drink twice daily, or use five beads of four faceted rudraksha as garland for six month. A faceless rudaksha is considered useful in treating numerous dieses ranging from pneumonia, tuberculosis and typhoid. Thus called elixir rudraksha.

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According to the old mythological epic “Shiv Purana”, Rudraksha was the favorite tree of Lord Shiva and it grew in Gauda land (present day Gangetic plains to foothills of Himalayas).