Importance of Rudraksha

    Importance of Rudraksha Rudraksha is a popularly describe and recommended in various myths and manuscripts of Hindu and Buddhist religions. In nature, 21 types of Rudraksha are seen depending upon their faces with in it. According to mythologies each type or faceted rudraksha has different gods and goddess.A naturally holed Rudraksha is believed to […]

Rudraksha as Medicinal Values

Rudraksha has electro magnetic and good conductor properties. It is popularly believed to posses mystical medicinal values and importance. According to Ayurvedic Medicament, it is remedy for heart diseases,high blood pressure,skindeseases,headache,loss of concentration, mental disorders, pneumonia, typhoid, tuberculosis and antidote treatment of cancer. Ayurvedic medicines prescribe hypertensive patient to use eleven faceted rudrakha as garland and its powder […]

Rudraksha Tree

According to the old mythological epic “Shiv Purana”, Rudraksha was the favorite tree of Lord Shiva and it grew in Gauda land (present day Gangetic plains to foothills of Himalayas). Rudraksha is a large, evergreen broad-leaved tree found in tropical and sub-tropical areas at the altitudes ranging from seacoast to 2,000 meters above the sea […]

About Shaligram

SHALIGRAM Shaligram, the only self incarnated god in Kali Yuga, found in northern parts of Nepal on the banks of Gandakiriver. We have to spend several days to search saligram and reach Gandakiriver as well. Our mission is to provide devotees best saligram as SaligramStrotram suggest. We are dealing in Saligram from many years and […]

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