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Welcome to Prashant Rudraksha Bhandar. purerudraksha.com is a website to deliver latest and real statistics about Rudraksha, Shaligram and Perls.



Rudraksha very important and mystical bead of Hindu mythology and meditation is a dined of natural fruit which is grown in the eastern hilly areas of Nepal. It has a very high profile in tantrism and spiritualism. It is very widely taken and worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medicinal values, success, gains and most importantly eradication of evils and immoral forces. It is mostly used as a garland and bangle. Devotees around Pashupati are seen wearing these mystical Rudraksha.This beliefs are very deep rooted in Hinduism.

Botanically, Rudraksha is elaecarpussphaericus. It is also available in Indonesia, India, Bhutan and other East Asian countries.

In Sanskrit, the combination of two words rudra and aksha is rudraksha, where rudra denotes lord shiva and aksha denotes tear which means, when lord shiva was in his deep meditation a drop of tear fell down in earth which was grown in to devinefruit, that is called rudraksha. A person who wear this devine fruit achieves eternal blessing and closest to Lord Shiva.